My name is Jeran Ott, I am an Education Technology Consultant with the Instructional Technology Services department at Fresno County Office of Education.  I am also an Education Technology Doctorate student at Pepperdine University, a Google Certified Teacher (GCT), and a lover of all things technology.  In 2015 I am starting mathetech.com as my first true blogging experience and as a resource to help complete my GCT Action Plan.

In creating a name for my Blog, I wanted to be creative and tie the old with the new.  In my search I found the Greek word “Mathete”.  This word resonated with my teaching mathematics for the past year, while meaning “to learn by use and practice.”  This definition worked well with my goal of teaching others how to use education technology in the classroom. In order to combine the old “mathete” with the new, I added “ch” making Mathetech, which I define as “to learn technology through use and practice”.

I hope you enjoy the blog!