Good afternoon,

Lately I have been truly inspired by teachers and their determination to use digital educational resources.  Having worked with many to overcome the struggle of having elementary school students use websites that have too many options or distractions I discovered that many of the sites use swf files (Shock Wave Small Web Format) that can be opened directly in full page views.  In thinking about their needs my response has been isolate the swf file links and to build to allow teachers to share direct links with their students to these educational resources.

The website is housed on Weebly and uses Google Sheets to store the data and uses Google Forms and some Google Sheets scripts to create a recommendation engine and new site suggestion tool as well. is sortable, searchable and has the ability to Share with Google Classroom.  Please take a look at the current resources, make suggestions, and recommend resources for other teachers.  The site continues to grow and have more links added.  Please take some time to look at this resource and share with others.


L4C site

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