“Make a copy” and share your Google Form!

Earlier this week I wanted to share a Google Form in a training, but I wanted each person to have their own copy to use in their own classroom.  I have used the trick to share other Google Drive base files by changing the end of the URL from “/edit” to “/copy”.  This works with Google Docs, Sheets & Slides (as long as you also share viewing rights to the document), but not with Forms editor.  In playing around I did discover that “/copy” will work, so here are the steps.

  1.  Create your form and design at will by adding questions and adjusting the theme.
  2. Now you need to adjust the share settings of the form.  Go to File-Add Collaborators and share the form as needed.  I choose “Anyone who has the link can edit” which is a little scary, but their is no “can view” option.  We are not going to really share the editor URL anyways, just make sure this is your template and not a form you are actively using.
  3. The last step is to view your live form (example).  This is the URL you will need, but before you share you will need to change the “/viewform” to “/copy”.  Now when you share the new live form link (updated example) the trainee will be asked if they want to make a copy.

Copy Form

Enjoy sharing your forms,



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